The LYnC – Linking You and the Command

The LYnC was designed with the U.S. AFRICOM community (AFRICOMmunity) in mind. It is a tool by which the commander can reach out to staff, family and friends of the command, here in Stuttgart, Germany, on the African continent, and at home in the United States, and vice versa.

The LYnC at http://www.africom.mil/lync.asp is U.S. AFRICOM’s new command information webpage, which can also be accessed from the AFRICOM main website at http://www.africom.mil. The LYnC serves as a one-stop-shop for the community around Stuttgart and beyond; there is helpful, as well as fun, information such as sources for newcomers, community news bulletins, road conditions, weather, calendar, Africa Trivia, German Culture, and other helpful links, to include AKO, TRICARE, and the Early Bird.

Through the U.S. AFRICOM – The LYnC Blog site, members of the AFRICOMmunity can reach out to one another sharing their blogs and engaging the public with factual, timely and relevant information, which will in turn educate and further promote U.S. AFRICOM’s message, not just to its staff & family members, but to all audiences who want to learn more about the command and its community.


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