Scraping the Ground to Touching the Heavens: One Man’s Mission in Africa

November 19, 2010

Imagine biking from the bottom to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Uhuru Peak to be exact (topping in at 4,895meters). The sun beating on your back, the labored breathing caused by the constant ascent, not to mention the fear of dehydration setting in.

What- not enough? Ok, how about from the lowest point in Africa, Lake Assal (155m below sea level) to Uhuru Peak? This by the way covers about 3,000km thru 6 countries in Africa.

Oh did I mention this is to raise funds for a good cause?

I grew up with Kyle Henning in the Southtowns of Buffalo, New York. Since then he has forged himself a path of community service and selfless dedication. He started out with Americorps, helping out the victims of Hurricane Katrina and assisting in clean-up. Deciding that was not enough, Kyle joined the Peace Corps, and ended up in Bahir Dair, Ethiopia HIV/AIDS Services Network and teaching Life Skills classes to young adults at the New Day Children’s Centre (

If that was not enough, now he is taking part in a Low2High ( bike trek from the lowest to the highest point in Africa. 

He is not doing this because he has to, he is doing this because he chooses to and he believes in what he has been teaching the last two years. Kyle Henning is doing some of the very same things AFRICOM does: promoting peace and camaraderie thru goodwill and aid on the African continent.


I never thought Kyle and I would be striving towards the same goal. We have such different life paths and aspirations, he going one way and I going another. Funny how now almost 11 years later by chance our lives converge yet again and we are side by side in our mission. 


Take a look at his blog, read about the Centre he worked in for two years, and if you wish, donate via the link provided below.


Kyle’s Blog can be found here:


Information about the New Day Children’s Centre can be found here:


You can donate to Kyle’s Cause here:



– Melissa Augustine



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