What it means to me, to be the wife of a U.S. Marine

November 10, 2010

Marine Corps 235th Birthday Ball

By Mandy Lyman

Being a Marine wife means being flexible and resourceful at all times, with as little notice and resources as possible. It means moving to new places every three years which means making new friends, finding a new job, and claiming damaged household goods…every three years. As the wife of a Marine we learn how to fix things around the house even if we don’t know the name of the tool used to do the job. We change our own flat tires, sometimes even the oil, and make sure the tread is still “good” before making an eight-hour road trip across the Country in the dead of winter to visit family while hubby is deployed. It means mailing Christmas cards to APO’s and PCS’s to friends far away; baking cookies and delivering them to wounded warriors around the holidays. We teach our children to say “sir, and ma’am” and raise our sons to open doors for ladies. There will always be tears to cry and bills to pay, but at the end of the day, seeing those boots at the front door makes me think of one thing: they are worn by a U.S. Marine who fights for my freedoms, salutes the American flag, and will forever and always hold the key to my heart.


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