The Few the Proud….the MARINE CORPS WIVES!!!

November 10, 2010

Marine Corps 235th Birthday Ball

Diane Cano, U.S. AFRICOM Public Affairs Office wrote

Today is the 235th Birthday of the Marine Corps! And being married to a Marine for the past 17 years I feel safe in saying that WE have been in the Corps for a very long time.  With that being said I thought hey it’s kind of our (Marine wives) birthday too…so let’s see how other Marine wives feel about being married to a Marine on this birthday!  Let’s face it, many of the wives are forgotten during this time, but our Marines are able to do what they do because of the many many things WE do.  There may be times when our husband’s are fighting in the war, but if you have children, you’ll agree when I say, we are fighting in a war of our own!  The main difference is we get no awards, and there is no end to our tour of duty! 


Unless you have walked in the shoes of a military wife you can honestly never understand the many silent (well okay sometimes not so silent) sacrifices we make for our husband’s.  My first introduction into the Marine Corps life was two weeks after we got married.  My husband left for boot camp.  This was the beginning of a continuing pattern of him being gone all the time.  With time, I began to realize a few things:


  1. That once we had children, I was a single parent with a paycheck! 
  2. That HIS social security number was WAY more important than mine.
  3. That whatever time he says he’ll be home, it’s always best to tack on another 30 minutes to an hour, because that’ll be the time he actually gets home.
  4. Like it or not the Marine Corps comes first!  


Now in his defense he did tell me early on in our marriage, “I’m a Marine 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”  Man he wasn’t kidding!   Though I am a bit biased, the Marine Corps way of life is like no other…the brotherhood and pride that each and every Marine takes in wearing their uniform and the Eagle, Globe and Anchor is surpassed by no other. During our time in the Corps, I have had the greatest opportunity to make life long friends. Let me tell you, these ladies can pull together and get things done in a matter of seconds! I am very proud to be a member of this family and believe me when I say….behind every good Marine is a GREAT Marine WIFE.  I know many of them here!


OH and let us not forget that there are many husband’s who support and follow their Marine wives around the country making the same sacrifices that we women do.  This also goes out to you too! 




Well that’s my take on it, here’s what a few other Marine Wives have to say!


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