4th of July Blog

July 7, 2010

How did your family spend the 4th of July?

(MAJ Steven Lamb is Social Media Chief for U.S. Africa Command Public Affairs)

This is our first 4th of July in Germany and we have a family friend visiting from the states so we didn’t celebrate the Fourth in the same
fashion that we normally do.  We have been doing the tourist thing running our friend all over the Rhein River, to museums and shopping so
on Sunday we slept in then went to the market to grab fresh meats, cheeses and fruit for a buffet -style finger food dinner.  I am from
Texas and this is a big break from our traditional BBQ dinner of ribs and burgers.  I have been told this is a much more accepted version of
dinner in Europe anyhow and I have to admit it was very nice and not nearly as difficult to clean up……. Don’t get me wrong though, NOTHING beats BBQ ribs!

Our children were all off with friends for the day but we all gravitated toward Huskey Field on Patch Barracks in Southern Stuttgart to enjoy a
fest and fireworks that evening.  The fest was fun with a great band and lots to eat and the fireworks were pretty cool.  Having spent six years
at Ft. Knox and three at Ft. Hood we are somewhat spoiled though. Nothing quite compares to “Thunder Over Louisville” or the great show
they put on at Ft. Hood on the Fourth.  It was however a very nice show and a superb effort by our friends over at USAG Stuttgart Garrison to
bring a little slice of home to us here 6,000 miles from the US.


Visit the LYnC at http://www.africom.mil/lync.asp


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